Monday, 3 November 2014

Coffee dates and Nora Roberts

November 3rd, 2014

So I have been dating this guy.  Just coffee dates.  I haven't really had time to go out lately on proper dates. We have had quite a few phone conversations though.  I mean, two + hours of side splitting, snort inducing conversations.  Just complete smart asses from the get go.  I met him on the dating site that I went on thinking that it was just to boost my ego and help my get over my boyfriend, but really I was hoping to stop feeling empty.  (obviously that is going to have to come from within.)

I told this guy about the asthma and MS (didn't mention any of my other diseases, but vaguely mentioned other problems), and he had a pretty normal response. Curious and wanting to know what it looks like, and I admit, I down played it.

After the second coffee date he said something like "let's do something this week".  I felt a big hesitation with myself. Later that night I really started thinking about it.  What am I doing to this guy?  He doesn't have a clue what he is getting into!  I mean, he has this totally normal life, where he has dinner with his sister and her family on Sunday nights, and carves pumpkins with his kids, and has successful business.  He has a supportive ex wife that allows him to have time to date.  Do I deserve happiness?  Yes.  Does he deserve the party that comes with me?  I don't think so.

So this afternoon at coffee, (which I think he scheduled right after work so I could see him dressed up!  How cute is that!?) I laid it on the line.  This is the shit that comes with me.  Yep.  That should do it for him.  I think I'll go off and read a Nora Roberts book where someone doesn't think that they ever will be able to make a relationship work, but meet someone, and no matter how much they fight it, they fall in love and live happily ever after.