Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The tooth fairy is at least better than the Easter Bunny

April 15th 11:32 pm

Health Issues:  Still neck out/ headache, peeing like crazy (MS or crampy nausea thing?) took inhaler twice.
Exercise: noooooooooo
Sleep: Actually fell asleep without lying in bed for hours first, :) but woke up several times (not just to pee). Went back to sleep after school run. :(

Do I still have to do the tooth fairy thing?  She's ten, and losing molars.  She hasn't put a tooth under her pillow for a couple of years, but tonight she decided to do it again.  Set reminder alarm?  Check.  Check to see if you have proper change? Uncheck.  Swap quarters for proper change from son's drawer?  Check.

When did I become so grumpy about stuff that used to be so fun?? Same daughter spend happy hours decorating for Easter today, and I wouldn't help more than give the occasional suggestion where to put things.  Poor child. With my older daughter I would have been at it for hours. Having sugar cookies all ready to roll and cut out after school, and ice after dinner.  Now I'm thrilled ex husband is doing egg hunt with much, much younger girlfriend who might still think it is fun.

Speaking of ex husband, I think that has something to do with it.  When did it stop being so much fun? Somewhere between "you're pregnant" and "it you don't get off that freaking computer and help me hide these eggs I'm going to run away and never come back".  Yeah.  Somewhere between, "I have all this energy to decorate eggs" and "if I'm going to make actual dinner and not some frozen version, I'd better lie on the sofa for the next hour and not help daughter decorate." Sigh.

I can't believe how many women have babies at my age.  I mean, I don't have nearly the energy to deal with a ten year old, never mind a baby!! Of course, most of them don't have any diseases, never mind several, never mind MS.  Boo.  No feeling sorry for myself. Chin up.  Could be worse.  Has been worse.  At least I'm not making myself trying to find fun things that fit in plastic eggs that are not technically candy.

Note to self: Remind ex to fill plastic eggs with something besides actual candy.

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  1. Alex was in grade 4 (is that 8 or 9 years old?) when he decided to test the Tooth Fairy's reality by not telling me he'd lost a tooth. Tooth Fairy failed, of course, and he then extrapolated that Santa and the Easter Bunny weren't real, either. He confessed to me that somewhere in his head he already knew they weren't real, but he was deliberately choosing to still believe. Until empirical proof brought the whole thing crashing down. I felt guilty for years, thinking that by failing to realize he'd lost a tooth I had destroyed all the magic of his childhood.

    why do we do these things to ourselves?

    When Adam started negotiating the price of a tooth with me (I should get more because it's a molar and it's bigger) I decided the Tooth Fairy was officially retired.

    I never had to do the Easter Bunny, because the grandparents love that sort of thing. Note to self: find a way to explain to grandparents that we really don't need all that chocolate . . .