Wednesday, 11 January 2012

If I get sent to the Pearly Gates tomorrow, I'll tell them I have to go back and finish my daughter's quilt.

Wow.  The last couple of days have been crazy.  Son's birthday party (postponed from November) on Sat.  Daughter's birthday and party on Monday and Tuesday.  My son is going on a winter camp with Scouts on Friday and needed to have his pack ready for tonight! Surgery tomorrow. Yikes!  I just keep plugging along, knowing I'm going to have to pay for it later.  I'm just hoping that later will be when I'm on T3's and won't have to worry about resting!!

I finished packing the Christmas stuff.  Tonight.  About an hour ago.  Without having my Dad here to pack the stuff down stairs, I don't know what I would have done.  Whatever else is left out, I swear I am throwing away.

I didn't get my daughter's quilt finished though.  Sigh.  So close!

Call me morbid, but I just send my ex an email stating "my wishes" if anything should go seriously wrong tomorrow.  Or any time soon for that case.  I wish I could say it was my first time doing so, but I actually did it once before when I was in my early 20's.  Am I morbid?  Am I just prepared?  Both?  I really just wanted to make sure that my kids all got the jewelry that I wanted them to have.  Wow.  Hard to write though.  I couldn't really write goodbyes though.  I just had to leave it at that.

The weird thing is I think this is the 11th surgery I've had.  Until I had kids, I never even considered that I might die during surgery.  It was just another way to be taken care of and gotten attention for.  I loved going to the hospital when I was a kid.  It was boring, but fun.  The nurses were so sweet.  One used to bring in her cordless Braun curling iron and curl my pony tails until I looked like Cindy Brady.  One used to let me race the rocking horse down the hallway.  The worst part of the whole ordeal was that the Monkeys was on at the same time as dinner came, and they would always make me go back to my room to eat. SHEESH!

Anyway.  I wish I had another week before the surgery, but then again, I probably would have procrastinated a lot more. (*SIGH*)

Wish me luck!

Saturday:  Rough. Left leg numb all day, and most of left arm and face.  Trembling, fatigue.
Sunday: Slept most of the day.  Same as above.
Monday:  Basically no symptoms (because of Sunday?) until four o'clock, then see above
Tuesday: Same, plus tingling in right foot.  Been wearing glasses since Saturday.  Seemed to help. Stuttering worse

Tingling left leg upon waking.  Some in right foot.  and left face beside eye
Trembling, particularly hands.
Really tired today.

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