Friday, 6 January 2012

You may think you're tired, but your wrong.

Yes, I am trying to be a jerk in my title of this.  The thing about MS is you get something called lassitude.  It is a specific kind of fatigue that doesn't lessen from sleeping, doesn't lessen from resting, doesn't lessen from any other thing you will do.  You can make it worse by say, moving, or not eating, or not sleeping constantly, but you can only rest and wait it out.  I am a single Mom with two kids still at home, and a dog.  How am I supposed to rest that much??

My ex and I discussed how he can start taking the kids more, especially during my upcoming sinus surgery recovery.  Yes, Peter Pan, you are going to have to be Wendy for a while.  He even laughed at that.  But if he takes them, they may miss a lesson or Scouts or something.  I am very careful not to over schedule my kids, but they still have activities!  I don't know how to do this.  I have been sleeping from about midnight to 2 pm this week (except for getting the kids off to school and walking the dog), and I am still too tired to get through dinner and bed time without ending up directing events from the sofa with a dark cloth covering my eyes.  Sigh.  

I did manage to get 2/3rds of the Christmas stuff packed up, in great part due to my son's extremely hyper mood.  He was so hyper he didn't realize how many trips I had him running up and down the stairs.  The un-decorating of the tree went by with only one burst of tears from A, which is pretty good!  I really was starting to doubt whether I would get them down at all.  Yeah!  Can I do the last third?  That remains to be seen. How tired will I be tomorrow?

My Mom is planning on coming over to help my finish the quilt I am making (and have been making, sort of, for the last two years) for A's b'day on Monday.  I am worried I will be too tired to do anything and it will really end up being the quilt that Grama made.  K's birthday party is 5 o'clock tomorrow.  How will I feel?  Spin the wheel of misery!  What symptoms will you come up with today!!  
Wish me luck.  I can hardly wait for surgery so I can get some rest!!  My perfect scenario?? I spend surgery day mildly sedated snoozing until they cancel it due to lack of time, and I will just have rested!!

Off to clean the kitchen!

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